The 2019 Classic Edition

It’s Time for the Fall Classic again!

Time to get together with those old friends and possibly make some
new acquaintances. In such a relaxed environment it’s easy to just walk up to
someone or them walk up to you and introduce themselves. Just remember the
people that you’re meeting can potentially impact and influence you for
the rest of your life, be mindful to treat them well. Just leave your mask at home,
relax, have a great time and enjoy all your Beautiful Relatives.
This is a REUNION, right? No Excuses! Have a Great Time.

In this edition we’ll take a look at two Outstanding Universities,
both with rich history and more accolades than we have space to enumerate.
We’re better because they exist and we should do all that we can to contribute to
their longevity. Also, we had a chat with Mayor Woodfin
about Classic and his Promise initiative.
Enjoy your Indian Summer and get ready for Winter.

Happy Holidays From all of us at The Birmingham Market Magazine.

Remember to be Safe, Responsible and Respectful!


Jim Fisher - Publisher

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