Power Profile: Tamika M. Hinton

Tamika M. Hinton is a Fairfield, AL native,whose journey has shaped a resolve to
break barriers and etch out a new frontier
in the workplace.
Tamika’s ability to sense the depth of the
world around her causes her to challenge
expec t at ions . S he a lways k new h er
career path would not be traditional. Ran
by organic ideas and the freshness of
each new sunrise, she envisioned herself
working at an art desk or peering over
the top of an easel, able to create from
anywhere in the world.
A s Tamika pressed through life, her
identity indeed began to spread past the
boundaries of buildings and stationary
work weeks, and it was her faith that
fueled the creation of her business Out
of Office.

Out of Office is a resource that gives small businesses access to office
administration assistance and marketing services, so business owners can focus on the core of their business and ultimately create room for a more
balanced personal and family life. The company was inspired by the rapid growth of small businesses and the need for affordable ways to provide administrative and marketing support.
Out of Office is also a platform for freelancers that are seeking employment
in none traditional environments and have a desire to learn what it takes to
become an entrepreneur.
Tamika always tells people that she dreams big and prays bigger. Her
relationship with God has been the foundation of her ability to conquer one
challenge after another and kept her from giving up when it seemed there
was nothing else to do.

Writer: Challis Wells
Email: tamika@outofofficellc.biz
Website: www.outofofficellc.biz