Women Moving The Needle


(Atty. Ruby Davis)

The thought of becoming a lawyer was not on Ruby Davis’ radar about a decade ago. She was diligently working at a Birmingham-area insurance company where she had been since graduating from Woodlawn High School in 1998. “My plan was to move up and possibly work in a leadership position at this insurance company,” Davis remembers. “I never wanted to be an attorney. It was not my idea.”
By: Victoria L. Coman

She was about 10 years in at the company when her life changed because of a suggestion by her 9-year-old daughter, Diamond Woods. The little girl had just seen the movie “Legally Blonde” with Reese Witherspoon and saw potential in her mother that gave Davis pause. “She said, ‘Mom, you should go to law school. You’ll be a good lawyer,’” Davis remembers. “My immediate reaction was, ‘Oh, no ma’am.’ I dismissed the idea.” As time passed, though, the suggestion seemed to make sense so Davis said she, “…did some research, prayed about it and decided to go to law school.”

Davis smiles proudly as she claims her Pratt City roots and shares that she is a product of the Birmingham City Schools System. Her professional life started early when she stepped into the world of Corporate America right after high school graduation as a new mom to little Diamond. She credits her ability to forge ahead while rearing Diamond to the help she had from the “village” of her family, Diamond’s father’s family, and friends. In that time, Davis was able to work during the day while taking time at night to attend Lawson State Community College to earn an Associate Degree in Business Administration and Management, Faulkner University to gain a Bachelor’s Degree in Management of Human Resources, and then Birmingham School of Law. Davis passed the Alabama State Bar in February 2013, months after earning her Juris Doctor (or law) degree in December of 2012. It was her first and only time taking it.

After passing the Bar and graduating from law school, Davis worked for a year representing clients before taking what she said was a, “leap of faith” and founding The Davis Law Group LLC. “I resigned from the insurance company…,” she said. “Everybody thought I lost my mind. All my friends were saying ‘You’re leaving a good job.’ I had to go.”

The Davis Group, located in downtown Birmingham, specializes in helping people who experience car accidents, personal injury, and wrongful death. The law firm also handles bankruptcy cases.

Davis said her favorite types of cases involve personal injury. “With my experience in the insurance industry, P.I. (personal injury) cases came second nature to me,” she said. “…I like being an advocate for others. Especially someone who is injured due to someone else’s negligence. If you think about it, an accident is just that; an accident. Whether it’s intentional or not, sometimes it can cause major injuries. Sometimes it can even cause death,” she said. “So, to be called upon to help someone in that time of need, is very humbling.”

Because Davis loves advocating for those who are hurt, she prides herself in offering clients what she calls a “boutique” law practice. “I’m very hands-on and I like to deal directly with my clients. So, when they call in or they come by, they’re going to see the actual attorney, myself, who will be handling their case,” she said. “I don’t have a staff of 25, 30 attorneys.”

Davis also makes an intentional effort to call her clients every two to three weeks just to check on them and their recovery. She said clients who have been in a car accident, for instance, can continue with medical treatment from three months up to a year depending on the severity of the injury and the treatment process. That personal touch, Davis says, sets her aside in what is a male-dominated field. “I try to nurture my clients,” Davis said. “As a woman, I feel by nature we are nurturers. We nurture. We protect and we just try to take care of whatever needs we see.”

“I’m a mother first. Being a natural protector, I treat my clients the same way. So, it’s very important that they trust me; that they want my services.” That approach also inspires clients to come back for additional services and refer family and friends.

While Davis loves what she does, she says being a business owner comes with many challenges. “As a first-time business owner, I wear many hats,” she said. Among her many hats are: advocate for clients; manager of her team; and the person ultimately responsible for the hiring, firing, and the payment of taxes and insurance.